About Moments in Time

Moments in Time Charitable Trust The Moments in Time project began as a simple yet sophisticated black and white calendar, but over time has evolved into a kaleidoscope of colour and a range of different products. The calendar project features South African people living with cancer, each afflicted with one or other type of cancer, all from different backgrounds, with different life experiences. Imagery and prose are used to tell each patient’s story. All proceeds raised from the sale of the products are channeled into the Moments in Time Trust; a public benefit organisation (PBO) established for the sole purpose of distributing the project funds accrued. South African cancer patients not on medical aid can apply for financial support from the Moments in Time trust. The trust has been able to offer hope where there has been none and many lives have been forever and indelibly changed by the funding granted. Without the trust, many of the beneficiaries would have been forced to discontinue treatment – often because even the cost of transportation to hospital has been too steep for the destitute patient. The Trust bridges the gap and has and continues to help patients in their battle against cancer.